Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend!

Isn't Easter the best time of year? It's all about chocolate, great food, friends, cherry blossoms and happiness. Although there's plenty to do at Easter in London, our bank holiday/Easter weekend was mostly spent at home watching Game of Thrones, cooking, feeding ducks at Manor House Gardens, planting some spring onions, rosemary and cucumbers in the garden and lots of naps in between. I'm the laziest person on public holidays and the happiest in my PJ's all day!

On Easter Sunday, a good friend of ours came over. Andy cooked a delicious roast lamb, roast potatoes, steamed carrots and kale (I'm glad that he loves cooking as much as he loves recycling!). Although it was a gloomy old day pouring with rain, we had a jolly time laughing and reminiscing for about seven hours! It's always cosiest being warm and well fed inside while watching the rain outside. Here are some photos from our Easter weekend.

^^Our tomato sack and the happy gnomes!^^
^^Andy's signature breakfast and one of my favourite treats on Easter - hot cross buns!^^
^^Our favourite place for burgers - The Station Hotel.^^
Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Snippets of Life Lately.

February and March flew by fast and I've been meaning to write a blog post since January and finally here I am (Hello April!). One of the biggest challenges I find when it comes to achieving goals is actually sticking at them and one of my New Year's resolutions was to write a blog post every week and I've been beating myself up because I didn't stick to it and the only culprit was procrastination. Then I found a quick solution; "Get Things Done" by Robert Kelsey. Seriously, this book really works! 

Andy and I spent most of February at home; cooking and watching TV. It was too cold and windy to go out. Then March arrived and it seemed to be much nicer, warmer and more spring-like. We marked the end of March with Andy's birthday. He took a couple of days off, so we could spend some time rummaging around the city. So this is a little warm-up post for me to break my winter "writing hiatus"! So far, I've been loving April; blossoms everywhere and the trees are getting green! Can't wait to start growing vegetables in our garden! 

^^My new favourite place; B-Street Deli on Bermondsey Street. This new fine food delicatessen is packed with superb produce and is on its way to become a well known foodie street. ^^

^^Andy trying to make up his mind about what to eat at José, a traditional Spanish tapas and sherry bar serving the best of fresh produce. A casual and rustic vibe mixed with very high quality food makes for a great afternoon. Get the Tortilla!^^

^^My first time at the theatre in London. It was pretty awesome and hilarious ! ^^
^^Got our Niark1's screen prints framed and bought these two dinosaurs (Meredith and Simon!) from our neighbour's kids!^^ 

^^A bit messy but lovely frame shop in Blackheath!^^
^^In love with our friends' chairs and cat!^^
^^Not too keen on being photographed! ;)^^
^^Literally baking Karlie's Kookies every week. They are full of goodness; perfect for gloomy days!^^
^^Our new friend having a snooze in our garden! Hello Mr.Fox!^^

Have a great Thursday! :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Saturday stroll from Borough Market to the East End.

Hello! Hope you had a great weekend. On Saturday, we decided to treat ourselves to Boston Burgers for lunch at Borough Market (They are seriously delicious; the rolls are fresh and warm and the meat just melts in your mouth!). The market was rammed; I'd forgotten how it felt like to be stuck among people trying to reach your favourite stall, since I usually go there on week days. But we managed to get our veggies and a couple of rabbits for the Rabbit Stew which Andy wanted to cook. Then we walked to Spitalfields Market and  rummaged around a bit as well. We came back home after our three hour walk. Andy started cooking (He cooked the most delicious Rabbit Stew; a warm and hearty dish that feeds the body and soul!) and I had a little afternoon nap (I love taking naps. A lot!) and we watched Bad Education; my new favourite comedy series. Saturdays are all about treats (Burgers and brownies) and watching comedy. Here are some shots of our day out and about.

^^Leadenhall Market (Left): Under the beautiful Victorian roof there are stalls selling flowers, cheese, meat and other fresh produce and finally I got a close up view of The Gherkin (St Mary Axe).^^

^^I love strolling through the old and narrow streets in London. They are filled with cool pubs and restaurants. Kings Stores on Widegate Street serves seasonably sourced and freshly produced food - like small nibbley tapas style and they also do a nice pint! Have to check this place out...^^

^^Blitz on Hanbury St. is the world's largest vintage department store filled with hand selected vintage clothing, home-ware, old furniture, jewellery, posters, books and many more (Even vintage bikes!). I love vintage shops, but I simply can't find anything that I like in there (Except vintage records and books which I absolutely love!). I think after several times going to vintage shops, you develop an eagle eye to find the best stuff. Blitz is a treasure trove for anyone crazy about anything vintage.^^

On the way back home, we popped into "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" coffee shop to grab a cup of hot chocolate. Nothing warms your cockles like a hot chocolate on a chilly day.
Have a great week! xx

Monday, January 13, 2014

My 2014 Bucket List!

I was not quite sure whether to write this post or not. My mind was full of ideas of what to do in 2014, yet couldn't jot them down (Plus I didn't know what to cook for dinner, so that even made it more difficult to focus!). I thought going to Borough Market (That meant Game Pie from Sillfield Farm for dinner, problem solved!), getting my favourite biscuits and then strolling down The Thames would be great for unplugging. The weather was beautiful, not too cold with a bit of sunshine and lots of fluffy clouds, I could finally put the things in order in my head while munching on my biscuit. 

I really don't like the word "resolutions", so "Bucket List" would be a much better word for my personal to-do-list in 2014. Also it's a great reminder for me to stop procrastinating by checking on this list every week or so! So here's my bucket list for 2014:

* I want to start illustrating my Sab Sab World story book. I'm thinking to get all the illustrations done before my birthday (End of September!).
* I want to print Sab Sab World greeting cards and start selling them online (Recently I've been a bit slack online) and find some independent shops which would stock some of them as well. 
* I want to make our new flat as cosy as possible (Andy and I just found a really cool place where we'll be moving to in a few weeks; it's got proper wood flooring and a cute little garden which we always wanted!); decorating it with mis-matched furniture, one-off cushions, beautiful handmade throws, country-style cups and plates and fill it with lots of books and my favourite-of-all-time movies! 
* I want to work on my blog and change the look of it maybe in a few months (Getting my domain name and make it look professional!)
* I want to learn gardening and start growing my lettuce, tomatoes and green beans (Andy would be so proud of me, since he's crazy about growing his food and live as independently as possible!) 
* I want to go to theatres and classical music concerts. 
* I want to go on The London Eye (Still can't decide whether to go at daytime or night?!hmm...)
* I want to discover delicious dishes from around the world. "Eat (healthily), drink (responsibly) and be merry!" That's my mantra in 2014! 
* I want to have my parents over in summer and take them out to the best restaurants and cafés and show them the interesting and beautiful places in London. 
* I want to buy a Persian kitten and name her "Lovejoy". I just can't wait to hear the sound of the paddy paws running around on the floorboards. 
* I want to go to The Lake District National Park (Since I would be all the way up north, it would be lovely to go to Scotland as well!) 
* Last but not least, I want to challenge myself more; I want to take a short course at St Martins and learn something brand new and meet new people. 
I hope there are more long walks in parks and street markets, more days of hanging out with friends and family and more picnics in parks. I want to read more books and watch my favourites movies back to back at weekends. I'd love to learn how to make my own bread (I would probably buy a bread-maker, apparently it makes a whole loaf of bread without the hassle of making the dough!). These are just a few things I thought I would share with you. There are loads of other things on my mind, but I think one step at a time is the best way forward. 

If there's one main reason that I go to Borough Market, it would be The Cinnamon Tree Bakery biscuits (A delicious mixture of pumpkin, sunflower, sesame seeds, raisins and dates, providing plenty of wholesome energy and flavour!). They are just super delicious; perfect with a cup of tea on a bench on the Southbank and watching the world go by (Or on a sofa watching "The Big Bang Theory"!). 

Happy new year friends! I can't believe that we're almost half way through January. I wish you all the best in 2014 and a bucket list full of great things to accomplish or discover. Let's get cracking! :)